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Get Your World Wide Scuba Certification

All certification and specialty courses are taught in accordance with national training agencies such as PDIC, NAUI, SDI, TDI, HSA and the Universal Referral Program. We also offer the Scuba Rangers certification program for children and teens.

Introduction to Snorkeling: $45.00

Introduction to Scuba: $150 - 2 Dives

Non-divers discover the beauty of scuba diving, all under the guidance of a personal dive instructor. Includes all equipment and 2 open water dives.

Refresher Course: $ 125 - 2 Dives

Tune up those rusty scuba skills. For divers who have not dove for six months to a year.

Open Water certification: $350 - 5 Dives

Get your national certification agency certification in one week. Learn: entries and exits, ascents and descents, underwater navigation, octopus use, buddy breathing and buoyancy control. Includes lectures, written and practical tests, check-out dives, scuba and personal diving instruction.

Open Water Check-out Dives and Universal Referral Program: $250 with equipment, 4 - 5 Dives

After completing pool and classroom work at home, bring a referral form or letter from your instructor stating the portion of your work completed. Training conducted by professional instructors.

Advanced OW Certification: $250 - 5 Dives

Specialties to choose from: Navigation, deep Diver, Boat Diver, Photography, Night & Limited visibility, Equipment Tech. and many more. Ask our instructor.

Rescue Diver: $350 - 5 Dives

Learn to help another diver in distress. First Aid, CPR and oxygen administration will be taught.

Master Scuba Diver: $300 - 5 Dives

This comprehensive course includes mock demonstrations and rescues completed by each student.

  • Books are included in each course fee.
  • Serious medical conditions require a clearance letter from a physician. This is required by the certification agencies. Please present this letter to the onboard instructor prior to any course work.

Specialty Courses: $175 each

U/W Photographer or Videographer:

This is an introduction to basic underwater photography or video camera. You'll learn the different lenses, cameras, strobes and techniques. This course gives students an overview of video cameras, housings, lighting, exposure, storage and computer editing. Equipment included.

Night Diver: 3 Dives

Learn how to plan a night dive using the proper signals and navigation. Discover marine life found only at night.

Deep Diver: 4 Dives

Learn emergency decompression procedures, how to plan deeper, safer dives, while understanding the risks involved in deep diving.

Environmental Diver: 4 Dives

Learn about critters, fish identification, living coral and their behavior patterns. Discover where to find them and how to study them in their environment, what they eat and how they breathe.

Wreck Diver Non - Penetration: 4 Dives

Learn all the skills necessary for safe wreck diving. Exploration of wreck sites when safety of dives is feasible.

Advanced Wreck Penetration Diver: 4 Dives

This course will provide the diver with the skills and knowledge to gain experience and minimize risks in penetration wreck diving at depths of less than 130 FSW (40 MSW)

Nitrox Diver: 2 Dives

This course will provide the diver with the information necessary to safely utilize EANx as a breathing medium. Divers shall not exceed a depth of 130 FSW (40 MSW) or 1.4 Atm with 1.6 Atm PO2 as a contingency. Course topics include history of Nitrox as a breathing gas, Dalton's Law, physiology of Oxygen and Nitrogen, depth limits, and the advantages, disadvantages and risks of Nitrox ,Oxygen toxicity.

Boat Diver: 2 Dives

This course will provide the diver with the information necessary to dive from different sized dive boats. Topics include: exits and entries, how to stow dive equipment safely, and how to move around safely and freely.

Artifact & Mapping Diver: 4 Dives

Learn how to map out areas to allow you to find the artifacts which the seas hold. Each diver will learn how to check with each country for their specific laws as to what may be legally removed from the sea.

Underwater natural Navigation Diver: 4 Dives

Learn how to use the natural coral, sea fans and the ocean floor to navigate to and from land and the dive boat.

Multi - Level Diver - Non Computer: 4 Dives

Learn the information necessary to dove at several depths, while using the dive tables and multiple safety stops to safely exit from the water.

Drift Current Diver: 4 Dives

Learn the information you will need to safely dive while in a current or drifting; also how to rest a cross a current to safety.

Search and Recovery Diver: 4 Dives

In this course you will learn about underwater navigation using natural and compass techniques, the problems, methods, equipment, hazards and safety procedures regarding limited visibility. You will also learn proper search methods and techniques, and how to handle light salvage and recovery, including rigging and knot tying.

Advanced Nitrox Diver: 2 Dives

In this course you will learn how to properly blend and use Nitrox for your advanced dive profile, determining the maximum depth limits for your Nitrox mixture. You will also analyze your breathing mixture, plan and safely execute each dive.


Equipment Repair: This course is seven days.

Resort Operations: $ 3000.

This course will teach the student how to run a dive operation from a resort or live aboard dive boat. This course is seven to ten days, with hands on experience.

Books included in course fee.

Dive Equipment Rental:

BC/Regulator $120 for the week; $60 per day
Dive Computer $125 for the week
Night Light $8 (per night)

* Equipped with 80-cu. Ft. aluminum tanks. A few 60-cu. Ft. tanks are available upon request. Tanks have "K" valves for use with standard yoke regulators.

U/W Photos of you Diving: Video of your dive with music $75

U/W Photo Package: Includes camera, U/W housing and strobe. We recommend brining 6-12 AA batteries. Batteries are good for about two dives. AA batteries are included in the initial set up. New Low Rates! $100 per week / $25 per day

To assure availability of courses, equipment, videos and programs, please reserve in advance. Prices are subject to change without notice.

** Equipment availability is on a first come first served basis.